Beta Release: Anchor Wallet (1.1.0-beta.1)

It’s been a while since our last desktop release, but we’re excited to finally push out a beta release of what we have been working on. If you’re willing to help us test it, you can visit the link below to upgrade and try it out.

New Features and Improvements

Listed below are the highlights for what we’ve included in this new release.

Support for Anchor Link Sessions

Version 1.1.0 represents the second iteration within Anchor of the EOSIO Signing Request and Anchor Link protocols. This is done through a new session management library for Anchor Link we have released here:

These new sessions provide encrypted communications channels between you and the applications you have logged in with, which you can terminate at any time from your wallet. Under the “Tools” section, a new “Manage Sessions” section has been deployed to allow you management of all these sessions.

To create a session with an application, during the sign in process, just ensure the option to create a session is enabled. If you have any problems using sessions, you can sign out of that application and sign back in with sessions disabled, and the application should work just like it has previously.

Anchor now runs in the background

Anchor now continues to run in the background if you close the main window. A small Anchor icon now lives in your system tray that you can click on to open the main window again.

While Anchor is running in the background the main interface will not update, but you’ll still be able to receive requests from the applications you’re logged into.

Unlock all accounts at once

Tired of entering your password over and over? Clicking on the lock icon in the menu bar will now give you the option to unlock all of your accounts at once. You can then switch between accounts that use different keys freely.

You will still need your password when unlocking for the first time, importing a new account, or doing anything that alters an account or a key.

Manual Account Importing

Key lookups failing for you? Want to import for a chain you can’t find a lookup server for? Want to do an account based on account authorities?

The new “Manual Import” feature has you covered. During the import process when selecting the import type, scroll to the bottom and select a manual import. You’ll be able to enter the details of the account and create it within Anchor.

Note: This is a power user feature and does only basic validation of the information you provide. If you enter the wrong key or authorities, the account likely won’t be able to sign transactions.

Windows Security Warning Notice

This build represents the first build we are releasing that is digitally signed by “Greymass Inc”. Prior to this the releases were all signed with a certificate issued to “Aaron Cox” before Greymass existed.

Because of this, some Windows security software may report this software as untrusted or from an unknown publisher. This is to be expected as the first release with a new certificate. As you’re installing, just ensure the publisher is listed as “Greymass Inc.”.

Run into a bug?

Let us know! You can reply here, let us know on telegram or twitter, or post an issue directly to github.