Blank screen when opening latest anchor 1.1.0 ver

Hey jesta. Here is a better pic. Sometimes I get a blank window when I open latest version of anchor today. Have to restart computer to get rid of it. Any ideas?


I think we may have a fix for that in 1.1.1, which we just released today:

That window itself looks like the window for the signing request, which should be hidden by default. Interesting that it’s getting stuck open like that. Try upgrading and see if the problem persists.

Will do. Thx! :ok_hand:

Hey jetsa. I upgraded to 1.1.1 but still am having blank screen that pops up occasionally that can only be removed by rebooting my computer. Anchor is still usable, but the screen lock slows things down… FYI This all started with ver. 1.1.0. Thx.

I think we may have had a bad configuration in 1.1.0 that might have corrupted something. We’re trying to track it down, but in the mean time, something you could try is either:

  • Saving a backup of your wallet, reset the wallet (via tools), then restoring the backup.
  • Resetting the wallet and importing your private keys again into a fresh wallet.

If the issue persists after either of those, then I’m wrong and we have a bug somewhere we just haven’t found yet :thinking: