Claiming and signing multiple accounts on UX Network

I just signed and claimed one account using Anchor. I’m now trying to do a second account. After clicking the unlock/sign button the app just goes into the eternally “thinking” circle.

I am doing this for a client on their computer. I did this for myself a week ago and was able to get both of my accounts.

Has something changed? Why won’t the transaction go through?

It sounds like the transaction hit some kind of unhandled error that’s not being displayed in the user interface. Nothing has changed on our end, which leads me to believe it might be account related, or perhaps API related?

Few questions:

  • Does this happen each time you repeat the process?
  • Are you using their web interface or are you claiming through the Smart Contract tool in Anchor?
  • Do they maybe have an API node specified in Anchor that isn’t working? The API can be changed through Manage Blockchains section which may help.
  • Is the account able to perform other operations, and we’re sure the key is right?

It happens every time.
It happens in Anchor when I am trying to sign the transaction.

The key is right. Everything else about the account is being read by Anchor.

I switched computers and it worked.

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Good to know and glad you got it working.

Did you move a backup or reimport the private key into a brand new wallet on the new computer?