Downgraded back to 1.0.5. due to screen freezing issues

Hi Jesta:

I unfortunately had to go back to 1.0.5 because my screen would kept freezing when using latest version and only a reboot would clear it.

I also have a question on anchor jason files, should they be kept offline for security reasons?


I think I managed to reproduce this, and it’s because you’re opening a 2nd copy of Anchor. I’ll get a fix and release a 1.1.2 today.

Anchor now runs in the background if you close the main window. If you look in your system tray, down by the clock, there’s an Anchor icon. You can right click that icon to close the application which will get rid of the white window.

Ah Hah! Pretty much user error. Glad it can be fixed or prevented for noobs like myself.

Do you recommend keeping backup jason files offline for security reasons?

Ah sorry I missed that part.

I’d recommend keeping a backup somewhere in case the computer dies, but the backups themselves are encrypted with the same password your wallet is - so having the backup on the same computer as the wallet is just as secure as having the wallet alone on the machine. If an attacker could decrypt that backup, they’d be able to access your wallet as well.

Got ya! Thx for a great wallet and even better support!

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Give 1.1.2 a try, the blank window issue should be resolved :+1: