EOS sent from Anchor but have not received in Wallet

I sent my EOS from Anchor to Binance. It’s been about 4 hours and the transaction has not been processed.

When I look at EOStracker.io I do not see my transaction listed there. However my EOS is no longer in my Anchor wallet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


If you’re not seeing it on a block explorer, it’s possible the transaction has failed. I’m not sure why Anchor wouldn’t show the balance though.

If you wouldn’t mind, what’s the account name? If you don’t want to share it publicly here, feel free to email the account name to team@greymass.com so I’ll get it and be able to take a look on the block explorers.

Aaron thanks for the quick response. Sent you an email with my account name.

I see the transaction you made to Binance, it looks like it completed successfully on the blockchain. I looked the account up on bloks.io and it was shown as the most recent transfer.

Perhaps EOSTracker.io just isn’t updating correctly.

If it’s not showing up on Binance’s interfaces, either they are just being incredibly slow or something is wrong on their end. It doesn’t look like you did anything wrong on your end unless the memo was incorrect.