Error message: e.decorateAppAPIMethods is not a function ( ledger nano s )

Until now I have had no issue with my ledger nano s. Recieved the same error msg (e.decorateAppAPIMethods is not a function) on all blockchains when using Ledger. Tried with the Arbirtary data ticked yes and no, same result. I updated the ledger firmware still the same. Any help would be apprecated . Thank you.

I have solved the issue. I did not enable ledger support in the top right corner next to the greymass brain. If only i used my brain before posting.

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haha, glad you got it working and to know the source of the issue.

The interface is meant to display a warning if the Ledger service isn’t activated - but it seems that wasn’t the case here. We’ll look into why that error isn’t being displayed and try to clean up this experience a bit.