Error Unknown API error at /v1/chain/push_transaction (insufficient_quota)

I’d like to send some tokens and get this error if I try to do anything:


Unknown API error at /v1/chain/push_transaction (insufficient_quota)

I’m using the latest version of anchor (1.1.8) on Ubuntu. I’ve unstaked some tokens today I’m assuming using fuel…

I also get this if I’m trying to rent cpu, which if insufficient cpu is the problem, it’s a bit ridiculous…

I’m a bit lost…

Please help :slight_smile:

OK, I’ve turned off greymass fuel and now I’m in a loop of “not enough net, rent cpu” when I try to rent net, and “not enough cpu, rent net” when I try to rent cpu.

Which makes EOS the most amazing tech project ever.

Does greymass fuel renew? Do I understand correctly?

I’m gonna hobble whatever I have out of this…

I’ve tried to buy fuel, it takes me to signing, I sign, transaction submitted, success! nothing happens

World’s most expensive Chinese finger trap…

Hooray! I can move stuff! Thanks greymass crew for that little bit (fuel) to help make this thing functional! Much appreciated!

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Sorry I didn’t see this earlier!

Yeah - Fuel has a 24hour refresh period for the “free” transaction quota, which is why the insufficient quota messages were appearing. We need to refine those messages to make it a lot more clear as to what’s happening with the user quotas and when they replenish.

What happened is most likely the unstaking + any other transactions depleted the quota enough that you were unable to perform any further actions.