Export private owner keys from Anchor mobile wallet?

First of all congratulations on implementing EOS account creation on the Anchor wallet! This is fantastic as EOS account creation has always been a frustration for new users!!! I just made a free .gm account as well as a paid one, and the process was extremely easy and excellent user experience. I also like what you have done with the backup account certificate- this makes it super easy for new people. I do like to keep my private keys (especially owner keys) in a secure (off line) location. I assumed that the account creation just used one key for both owner and active to keep it simple, but when I checked on the block explore it says there are two separate keys. On the Anchor app when i choose to export private keys I only see the “active” private key. How do I go about exporting the “owner” private key?

Thanks! We’re so happy that people are finding this process to be an easy one.

The reason you can only export the active key is because the app itself doesn’t keep a copy of your owner key. The app creates the account with 2 different keys and only ever saves the active key. The backup certificate you print plus the 6 words you write on it combine to make your owner key.

Thanks for the clarification Aaron! It does make me feel better that the owner key is not stored on the app (even if encrypted).
btw I managed to grab the “ian.gm” account lol

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