Failure to submit transaction

When I try to sign an action on my smart contract, it opens up properly in anchor, but after clicking the unlock & sign button, then something fails, with the below message:

I tried pushing the transaction from both and eosx, and got an error both times.
Then I tried using Scatter, and the transaction succeeds, so I think it’s definitely an issue with Anchor.


Which version of Anchor is this?

Also - if you’d be willing to hit that “Share Request” button and send along an example ESR payload, that’d help in reproducing the issue!

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Ah, your question about the version made me check for updates. It was 1.1.6, and now it’s 1.1.8 and I can no longer reproduce the issue.


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Awesome! We’re starting to use our own serializers in Anchor and each minor version is working out some of the bugs in how we process them :+1: