How to import Scatter wallet into Anchor without the backup file?

Hello. Is there a way to import a Scatter wallet into Anchor wallet without using the backup file, but only using the mnemonics security phrase? I got a new laptop and I no longer have access to Scatter. I tried restoring Scatter using the security phrase, but it just freezes on me. So I can’t get a backup file out of Scatter. Thanks!

Sadly the mnemonic phrase used in Scatter doesn’t actually contain the private keys, so it can’t be used to import directly into Anchor. If you don’t have a backup, you can import the private keys directly into Anchor and setup a brand new wallet - that’s likely the easiest path in this situation.

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Thanks Aaron. How do I import private keys directly into Anchor? Thx!

After selecting which chain to import, either during the initial setup or under “Manage Wallets”, there’s a process which will let you import new accounts and one of the options is via private keys.

You’d just put the key in there and it’ll detect which accounts are available to access using it, then you can import!