Immediate Expired requests

Hi, I just updated the wallet version and thought this would fix this issue, but it hasn’t.

Also I’ve been using Anchor for over 9 months without this issue and all of a sudden it’s happening.

Any idea?

What’s the action you’re trying to do that it’s showing up as expired?

I am also getting ‘signing request expired’ when using Defibox, for both Swap and claim stake actions.

another image of the error:

This “Blockchain not configured” message we believe is a bug if you used the “Manual Import” option when setting up your account. Did you use that option when setting up Anchor?

I don’t recall. But I should note Defibox/Anchor was working for me up until yesterday. So something changed since then. Also, I am unable to use defibox using Scatter now as well, so not isolated to Anchor. Any ideas?


Did the clock on your computer get out of sync in that time? I’d check that, and potentially restart your web browser completely just in case it for whatever reason lost track of time too.

FWIW I did log into defibox and attempt a swap, and it had the proper expiration of 2 minutes.

That was it. THANK YOU!

I recently got VPN, and my computer settings were set to automatically change the time zone. I reset to manual with my time zone and that fixed the issue. Really appreciate it!

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Awesome, and thank you for reporting back on that! We’ve had a lot of users recently having expiration issues… and I never would have thought about the time zone changing based on where the VPN was connecting to. That’ll be a useful bit of information hopefully for other users in the future!