Import PK in Anchor 1.1.0

Hi! I have used Anchor 1.0.5 and imported PK without pb. until now.
I can’t import new PK./account in the last version.
Any Idea?

What’s happening when you attempt to import it, is it just not finding the account or some other error?

Another question - is this a brand new account?

There is no reaction The green button "Import account(s) is not enabled.
It is an old account, never used with Anchor.

What’s being entered looks far too short to be a private key. Is what you’re entering 51 characters and starts with a 5? That’s what it’s expecting.

Hier again the screen shot. Ii have done this succesfuly before, for many accounts in anchor 1.0.5.

I realy don’t know whats the pb,…if I am the only one with this issue it must be my fault, but…?

This might be related to a bug in the APIs, was this a brand new account? If it was, can you try again?

The bug in the APIs right now prevents new accounts from showing up until the API servers themselves are restarted, which we did not too long ago.

Hi aaron!
I succeed to import the keys manually,
I had a problem only here:

Thks for helping the community!

Not a problem, happy to help!

Glad you got it imported successfully using the manual method - does it work alright when performing transactions?

In the screenshot above, it could fail if the API you’re connected with (which we don’t manage) is either not updating properly or is hitting against the bug I mentioned before. I’m not sure which it is, but can double check some things on our side to see if maybe we have a bug on our side as well. If you don’t mind sharing, one thing that might help us debug a bit is the Public Key (not Private) associated to the key you’re using. The account name would also do.

If you don’t want to post that information on the forums, you can send it over to or message me directly on Telegram - my username is jestagram.