New Account Setup

i am new to this so bare with me.

I have setup a wallet with and have wax in there.

I am trying to setup an anchor wallet since I heard it is faster and more efficient.
How do I setup anchor when I don’t have private key for my wax account?

From my understanding, you cannot unfortunately. Anchor is a non-custodial wallet and requires that you store the private keys of an account within the app on your computer. The WAX Cloud Wallet is a custodial wallet, they control the private keys, and they don’t provide you with them.

What you can do however is create a new account, one which you have the private keys for, and transfer whatever nfts/tokens you’d like to this new account. This new account would work on wallets like Anchor since you control the private keys - but wouldn’t work on the cloud wallet anymore.

In this instance you’d have 2 accounts - one you control and one the cloud wallet controls.