New wallet not showing up in Anchor

I created a new wallet today, the necessary resources were transferred but the wallet address is not showing up in Anchor.

How did you create it? Without more information, I’m just going to end up taking shots in the dark as to what exactly could have happened.

Sorry created through Anchor create wallet service. I see it in the but just not in the wallet itself.

So this portion of Anchor, yeah?

This portion of the wallet doesn’t automatically add the account into Anchor. The reason being is because you could actually use it to create accounts for others just by them sharing the public keys, and you wouldn’t be able to import them since you didn’t have the private keys.

You’ll need to click the account dropdown at the top and click “Manage Wallets”, then in the upper right hit “Import Account”. Then go through the process and import the private key associated with that account (like you would any other). It should find and allow you to import, and you’ll be good to go!

ah gotcha. Ok will do that. Thanks

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