Permissions problem - transaction declares authority but does not have signature

I’ve been using Anchor to mint assets on and have encountered an issue tonight that I can’t overcome. I have owner and active rights to this account. Deleted from anchor and restored with my private keys. Can login anywhere with it, but when I go to mint a token, I get the attached error. Any ideas?

It looks like the keys being used to sign the transaction don’t match up with the keys required.

The key its attempting to sign with starts with EOS6TE..., where as when I looked up the account in question, the account has keys of EOS6QY....

Are the right keys imported into the wallet? If you go into Tools -> Manage Keys, does the key in the error message above show as one of the keys imported?

One final question: which version are you using of Anchor?

I am using 1.1.6. Here’s what’s REALLY bizarre. I shortened the description text and it went through. I wasn’t using any unusual characters. Strange that it is showing different keys?

Yeah very strange.

So shortening the text description while making the NFT magically made it work? That’s really odd :laughing:

Yes. This was the text description I tried to post at least 20 times after logging in and out, deleted a wallet from Anchor and adding the keys back in…

“Legend has it that DUST can be used for something, though it’s true application has yet to be discovered”

I changed the description to “What is it?” and it worked

I wonder if the single quote in it's or something in that series of characters is breaking the interface on atomichub. I’d be curious to know if you took that out, if it’d also work.

Also - I’m terrible at grammar, but I don’t think the quote should be there anyways :laughing: