Purchased EOS account on iOS but unable to retrieve keys

Hello. I recently purchased an EOS account (ebonhaven.gm) from the Anchor iOS app, but was unable to retrieve my keys. During the payment dialog, my payment failed due to an unrecognized face and I received the Retry or Close dialog in the Anchor app. Clicked Retry and made the payment successfully and saw the success message in Anchor, but the Retry or Close remained. Since I didn’t want to make another payment, I chose Close. Unable to access keys to the new account as I wasn’t able to proceed with the signup process.

I’ll request a refund through Apple if the account can’t be retrieved. Thanks!

There is a bug in the current release of the app that causes the retry to fail. Have a fix that should be out as soon as Apple can approve it.

Good news is that your key is still there but not accessible with the current UI. We are adding a debug UI where you will be able to view the keys and import them as an account again but that will probably not make it into this next bug fix release.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Just noting that the bug fix has been released and that paid account creation is enabled again.

@admyral The version with the recovery tools for stuck account is being tested now and should be available soon

Now the version with the recovery tools has hit the App Store. @admyral to recover your account update to the latest version (1.1.2), launch the app and tap the Anchor logo 5 times to bring up the developer tools.

From there go to “Keychain viewer” and then find and check each “Orphan key” in turn by selecting it and using “Search for account”. There will probably be some orphan keys that don’t have any accounts associated depending on how many times you retried creation when the app was in the bugged state.

Once you’ve found and imported both the accounts active and owner key you can optionally go to the normal accounts section and export the owner key certificate from the <accountname>@owner account and then delete it.

Let me know if you run in to any trouble

Wow. Very quick response. Retrieved my keys and imported my account successfully. Thank you!