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What’s up everyone; I need some help here getting scatter to work with my ledger. From what I understand, scatter is no longer being supported and was wondering if it’s best to migrate to Anchor.
I set up scatter quite a long time ago and linked my ledger to it. Then I never could access my wallet. Literally can’t get it to work. Since I’m not actively using these particular EOS tokens, I let it be and didn’t want to risk losing them. Now I’m thinking it’s time to get this sorted out. Can anyone help me here? Delete scatter and download it once again? It’s a decent amount of coins so I’m hesitant to do anything where I’m permanently locking myself out. I posted this in telegram and thought this may be the better place for help. Thanks

Scatter development continues to my knowledge - but albeit at a slower pace than it once was.

You’re more than welcome to give Anchor a shot though, and if you are a Ledger user it should be a fairly straight forward and simple setup. Here’s what you’ll want to do:

  • Download and install the latest version Anchor, which can be found here:
  • Once running, click “Setup Wallet” on the first screen.
  • Enter a password that you’ll use locally for any encryption required in Anchor.
  • Select the EOS blockchain from the dropdown.
  • Click the second button, “Enable Ledger Support”.
  • The second button will now change to “Load from Ledger”, now click that.
  • The accounts associated with your Ledger will now appear with checkboxes beside them. Check the checkboxes of the accounts to import, then at the bottom, click “Import Accounts”.

You should now be all setup to use those accounts within Anchor, or any dapp that has integrated Anchor!

Thanks so much Arron, I’m assuming I should just let the Scatter part sit and be idle. I was really frustrated when it never worked. Most of my tokens are still in 2 other genesis wallets. I’ve never touched them. I’m not at all tech savvy so I question everything I do and fear the dreaded permanent lock out.


Correct - you can just leave it be.

While using a Ledger device, your keys always just exist within the hardware wallet, and the apps (like Scatter and Anchor) just connect to the device in order to perform actions on the blockchain. So long as you have either the Ledger itself (or the private keys for a non-Ledger account), the app you’re using doesn’t really matter!

Thanks Aaron,
I just need to update the ledger and I’ll try and set up everything. I’ll get back to you and let you know how it went or if I run into any trouble.
Thanks so much,

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