Segmentation fault

Hello folks!

I was going to give it a try for the first time. I downloaded the AppImage and the deb file and got a segmentation fault when tried to run both artifacts.

I also tried to run the artifacts of the release that came before the latest and also got the segmentation fault. Could someone help me get past the issue?


OS info:

NAME=“Linux Mint”
VERSION=“20.1 (Ulyssa)”

We’ll have to get an instance of Linux Mint running and debug what’s happening. I’m not sure I have a solution that you could apply simply because I’m not sure what’s happening.

The fix will likely require us to release a new version.

@aaron not sure what happened… but I downloaded the AppImage again to put a screenshot here of what happened, but this time it worked. Not sure what happened there, most probably a mistake of mine along the way.

So no issues so far. Still, thanks for the quick reply! I really appreciate it.

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Glad to hear it! Let us do know if you have issues. We don’t have a ton of Linux users, nor do we run it daily ourselves - so we appreciate you letting us know.