Signing a transaction with Anchor desktop version

I’ve made some progress since we last chatted. I went through the process of recovering my EOS account using the video by EOS at EOS Authority. However the video shows the process of connecting and testing the account using a bar code with Anchor mobile wallet only for Apple. There is no Android version. I have the Anchor wallet set up on my Windows laptop (ver 1.1.12) with my EOS account ready to be authorized by the test but I can’t get the signed transaction to work. I set up Scatter but they want $20 to open an account and then the process fails when I try to send them the $20. I just need to get this final step completed of a test signed transaction so I can use my EOS tokens. Can you help me?

There is a button below the QR code you can click to open Anchor on your local device (Windows in this case). Screenshot below highlighting the button:

The next version of this (which EOSAuthority hasn’t integrated yet) makes this more clear by changing the words to describe both functions, scanning and clicking the button.