Signing request not going to the mobile authenticator

Is the Anchor authenticator down? I can login with QR code but when I try to sign a transaction the pop up doesn’t go to my mobile phone. Any suggestions?

Ok I think I have solved the problem. I noticed that the Anchor authenticator stopped working when I installed the beta Proton mobile wallet which is on Apple TestFlight so I removed the Proton wallet and restarted my iPhone and now the Authenticator receives the the “slide to” accept or reject the transaction. I am not entirely sure if it was Proton on TestFlight but I remember Aaron saying to remove the Anchor on TestFlight when the non TestFlight version was released as they don’t play nice together.

Well that’s an interesting outcome, we’ll have to look into exactly how they’re conflicting and coordinate.

We have had conversations with them already about how if they use ESR it could cause conflicts and ways around it, but it may be that those changes are implemented yet.

Thanks for the heads up