Tokens not unstaking on Anchor

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Wondering if you could help me. I’m trying to unstake my EOS tokens. I unstaked them a week ago and they haven’t moved. Am I missing a step here? Do I need to broadcast this transaction? I haven’t been able to find any answers online.

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Hey there - happy to help.

The first thing I’d say is go to a block explorer like and check if your unstaking transaction from last week actually was submitted to the chain. Just search for your account name and load the page, and check:

  • The top, within the balances area, and see if there’s a “Refunding” balance.
  • Lower down the page, the transaction list, to see if your unstaking transaction is there.

If you don’t see it in your transaction and there’s no refunding balance, then it sounds like the transaction was never submitted.

You can try submitting it again in that case either from within your wallet or by using your wallet to login to a site like and use their wallet interfaces.

Hi Aaron,

Yes I do see the transaction on, see attachment screenshot. But my anchor wallet is still showing them refunding. Any suggested next-steps?


It looks like they are indeed still refunding, the automatic refund didn’t work as intended at the end of the cycle. You can trigger a manual refund at any point now to convert those to an available balance:

  1. Go into the Resources section of Anchor, and expand either the CPU or NET sections with the button in the middle. There should be a “Refund” button in the lower right side of that section you can click to trigger this action.

– or –

  1. Log into using Anchor and either hover over the “Refunding” section under Resources, and a button will appear for a manual refund, or visit the Refund page within the wallet to trigger the action.

This has been happening more commonly in the recent year or so, requiring the manual action to complete the refund, just due to increased traffic on the network. Let me know if you have any other questions or run into any problems with either of these steps!

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Hi Arron, I followed your instructions on using Anchor. I verified the transaction on the Anchor wallet app on my phone. Then this error comes up. Error

transaction net usage is too high: 104 > 0

I would say maybe wait a bit and try again.

There have been some oddities happening with transactions this evening which might be impacting what you’re trying to do. It’s not your account - but the servers you’re submitting to.