Transfer error sending tokens

I updated my old eos-voter wallet to the latest Anchor wallet 1.1.5. I can see all my tokens (bitshares,beos,manna) in the new Anchor wallet. After that I tried to sent my bitshares from the Anchor wallet to my bitshares account but get the following error after hitting confirm button : Error
Decoding error at root<get_info_response>.fork_db_head_block_num: Unexpectedly encountered undefined for non-optional. What could be the problem?

I saw that there was a newer version available today of the Anchor wallet Version 1.1.6 (1.1.6) so I did the update. Then I tried again to sent my bitshares to my bitshares account but It gave again an error only this time it was a different error. This time it said ; Error to_account_does_not_exist
Well the account does exist it is account
What could be the problem?

I am assuming you tried to use the normal transfer interface, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. If you’re attempting to transfer BTS (on BEOS) to BTS (on Bitshares), you’ll have to use the special tool under the “Tools” section to do the cross-chain transfer. I’ve highlighted it below:

Let me know if that solves the issue for you!

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Hello Aaron,

Thanks for the explanation, I did a crosschain transfer and it worked. Thanks for the quick reply.

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