Undefined Wallet

When clicking on Wallet, the dropdown up top shows wallet defined, but the same wallet selected in the dropdown on the right shows undefined. Why? How to fix?

Few questions for you…

  • Which version of Anchor are you using?
  • How did you import the account, did you use the “manual import” process? (I ask because we’ve heard some reports of bugs in that process).

Ver: 1.1.12

Yes, manual import of account.

When clicking on Home, shows up ok.

When clicking on Resources, shows up ok.

So, seems to have imported the account and its stats ok.

I’d avoid that method and go back to “Import via Private Key” to see if that resolves your issue.

So long as you still have the key saved somewhere else - you can just go into Manage Wallets and then remove the account, then reimport it using that method.

The PK of the account, correct?


Just always make sure you have the private key backed up someplace safe before removing any accounts :+1:

Grabbing PK for the acct over at Bloks, not recognizing it.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear, you need the private key.

bloks would not have your private key, only your public key. Your private key starts with the number 5 and is roughly 51 characters long.

So, you’re meaning the PK of the cold wallet itself?

The private key of the account you’re trying to use.

Not sure what you mean by cold wallet - are you trying to setup a dual-wallet setup using a cold + watch wallet, or are you just trying to load an account into Anchor and use it like normal? Those are two different things :thinking:

The PK of the acct shown on Bloks after logging in there, right?

Guess we’re not understanding the differences. We’re just trying to move some EOS out of our cold wallet, but don’t have resources.

No, bloks doesn’t have access to your private keys. The two start with a different series of numbers/letters, like so…

  • Public Key: Starts with EOS... or PUB_K1_.... These are public and are known to the world, and are displayed on bloks.io and other block explorers.
  • Private Key: Starts with 5... or PVT_K1_.... These are private and only you know them, and need to keep them safe.

The private keys are what you load into your wallet, they act essentially like passwords to your account. If you don’t have the private key, you can’t use the account.

Isn’t that in Utilities over there?

Just checked - and those aren’t the keys to your account, that’s a key generator to create new keys.

The page isn’t labeled all that well :sweat_smile:

Well, guess we’re hosed, thank Goodness not much in there at all.

When it was setup through eos-account-creator a while ago, don’t recall getting a PK at that time, it just went active.

You should have gotten both a public and private key if you used eos-account-creator.com.

Below is a screenshot of that part of the process:

There is also an option to provide your own keys, which would have required you to generate a key pair (both private and public) elsewhere and then just put in the public keys. That’s a more advanced option though and not sure if you went that route.

If you don’t have the private key though - yeah, unfortunately there’s no way to recover that. The private keys are basically your password, and aren’t saved anywhere publicly.

It’s sitting in our cold storage wallet which has it’s own PK though - no cpu/network sadly and wallet won’t purchase more for some reason.

What do you mean by “cold storage wallet”?

If you have a private key in cold storage, you can just export that key and use it in a regular wallet.