Unstake EOS from eosauthority

I can’t figure out how to unstake my EOS. When I do the process at eosauthority.com I get a popup window asking which wallet to use. When I try to use Anchor it pops up another window with a QR code for the mobile app, which there is no mobile app for Android. I’ve tried all of the various wallets and scatter with no success for one reason or another.

I have Anchor set up on my laptop and I can see my EOS authority account information, but I don’t see where I can unstake tokens? I see where I can send EOS and I’ve tired this, but I get errors.

Can you help me? I want to unstake all of my EOS and transfer to a wallet where I can exchange or get my money in USD.

There’s a button below the QR code that pops up that says “Open Anchor App”, which if you click on Desktop will then prompt you to either login to the site or sign the transaction. On desktop, that’s what you’d use to link your desktop wallet to the eosauthority.com site.

I tried that as well but I get an errorImage1

This is my Anchor wallet. It seems like it’s set up.

Yeah it sure does. That’s an interesting bug!

Was this a brand new account setup in Anchor, or was this a backup that was restored from eos-voter?

It’s a brand new account. That is if I set it up correctly.

And when I try to send any unstaked tokens to another EOS account I get an error.

That permission seems all out of whack. How was it imported, through the Manual Import or by importing the key? Sorry for all the questions, trying to figure out which series of things you did that might have cause some bad data to exist in there.

I’m certain it was manually. I have tried so MANY ways to get this to work with numerous wallets that I can’t recall everything. But I have not imported keys in any circumstance. I’m wondering if I missed a step or something. Why would my Anchor show the correct info but not allow me to unstake or send?

The manual import process completely bypasses all checks for validity of an account.

Does the “Private Key Import” process not work? If that’s not working ,I’m wondering if your key isn’t valid right now. It should be a series of 51 characters, starting with the number 5. I’d be curious if you go into Tools -> Key Validator, if you enter your key there, if it returns as a valid key. If it does, you could also take the PUBLIC key it returns (starts with EOS) and look it up on a site like bloks.io to ensure it’s properly associated with that account.

I don’t know what to do. I did the process of converting my ETH to EOS two years ago, and I have my EOS account name EOS “Fallback keys”, but they don’t do anything. I wrote all this stuff down when I did the conversion. But the private key I have does not validate.

Is it possible one of the characters was omitted when you wrote it down or maybe an I is being entered instead of a lower case l? How many characters do you have written down in total?

Depending on what happened during the backup of the key, there may be ways to brute force it by guessing and checking different combinations. You’ll need the vast majority of the key in tact though for that to work, since if more than one or two things were wrong, it’s nearly impossible to recover.