Unstaking EOS Tokens

Hallo. I unstaked my EOS tokens yesterday. It shows that total amount of tokens . But the available tokens are very few.

What else should I do to move my tokens to an exchange?

Unstaking tokens takes between 3-4 days before it’s available to transfer. This is required by the system to prevent some situations where users could abuse staking for resources.

You’ll have to wait a couple more days and the tokens should then become available. If after those couple days they still are not, you may need to manually refund them. I outlined how to manually refund them in this post the other day:

Could you please explain to me what to do??
I typed in my EOS private key on some website, And I am worried that my coins , which are still in refunding mode untill tommorrow will also be stolen!!

What can I do??
Please help. They already stole my Bitcoin from Trezor!!

Aaron, could I put a lock on my account so no one can steal my EOS tokens still stuck in refunding. Please advise here.

I wanted to stake my tokens again just to be safe, but I get this message. What does it all mean?? Could you please lock my account so the thief cant get my tokens??

If someone has your private keys - it’s possible they changed your account so your keys are no longer valid. Check your account on a block explorer to see if the keys changed (or share the acount name with me so I can look it up).

This is my account name: ge2dmojsgage

Is there anything I can do?

It looks like the keys were changed. If you aren’t the one that changed the keys, and you don’t have access to the keys that match:


I’m afraid there’s not much anyone can do.

What happened to ECAF? They used to freez accounts??

ECAF has been gone for a while now, which is unfortunate in situations like this. Token holders voted and decided that they’d prefer a system that was more decentralized and didn’t have a centralized group like ECAF having the ability to decide what happens on the network.

That is sad. But thank you.

Yeah - and I’m sorry this happened to you. I do wish there was some way we could help!

We unfortunately are just one player in this ecosystem and don’t have any power to do so.