Wallet Hacked; Looking For Hope

I recently found out my wallet was hacked through a phishing airdrop link that popped up on my wallet. Long story short, they changed my keys and took a good chunk of my airdrops but left my EOS in the wallet. I have no idea why they haven’t drained the entire wallet (maybe they don’t have permission to transfer EOS tokens). Even though I’ve been told it’s a lost cause, I just wanted to know if it is possible to reset the active keys that the hackers created back to my original public and private keys so that I can have permission to move my EOS to a new and safe wallet?

It depends on which keys they changed - and if you still have keys that are valid for the account.

Mind sharing the account name? I can check on a block explorer the status of the account, what they changed, and let you know if there are any options.

Not a problem. Here is my account: guzdcmjsgmge

Pretty odd that they left the EOS tokens…

It does look like they changed both the active and owner keys to the account. If you don’t have the key matching:


I’m afraid there’s not much anyone can do. That key is completely in control of the account right now.