What sort of forums should we have here?

At this point we don’t have a super well-defined vision of what these forums should be, we just know we need to get off telegram to protect new users who are seeking support. Currently our mindset is that we are setting up forums for both our projects and for EOSIO developers in general, since those are the two groups of people we help the most.

That doesn’t mean however these forums couldn’t be used for anything else. We’re calling them the “Greymass Forums” for the time being just due to this lack of vision. We’d be happy to rename these to something more generic in which Greymass is just a small part.

With that being said - what sort of categories should exist within these forums? What sort of topics would you like to engage on?

We won’t promise we’ll add everything, but we do want to kick off the conversation about what it’d take to launch a forum-based EOSIO community.

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I’ve been personally running and managing forums since the late 90’s, so I have a few ideas. I just didn’t want to jump the gun and start adding a ton of extra forums and create confusion. A few of the ideas I’ve had so far are:

  • Chain specific forums, e.g. EOS, FIO, TELOS, WAX, etc.
  • More project specific forums, maybe Hyperion or dfuse on the API side, maybe Scatter on the wallet side, and maybe forums for the various other tools we all have come to depend on.
  • Forums for dapps that need a community hub.
  • Forums specifically for governance and ecosystem wide improvement initiatives.
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Can’t think of anything to add to that list right now. I wonder how easy it is to merge forums after they have been created. If it’s an option then we might want to start with less forums at the beginning and split them up over time.

I think it’s pretty easy… though time will tell :laughing: